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IBIZA 2020



Cala Bassa is one of the most beautiful
beaches in Ibiza, fine sand and calm
turquoise waters.


An oasis to relax with the rhythm of
Dj’s and the waves of the sea after the
best Mediterranean cuisine.


Enjoy some of the best beaches in the


Every day we enjoy Paddel Surf through the most beautiful
and inaccessible corners of the island.



In Ibiza they are called the door to heaven. two beautiful islands that merge between the sea and the sky.


An ideal place to anchor, with blue waters and a small town with great restaurants.


One of the cutest nights on the island. In the background the island that reminds us of Queen Elizabeth.


The drum party

Cala Benirrás still retains a certain hippie air and a special magic that will make you fall in love with its sunset to the sound of the timpani.

It is likely that, if it is the first time you visit Cala Benirrás, you have the feeling that you already knew it from before. This is possible because it is one of the most iconic images of the island. The image of the sunset surrounded by boats on ‘the finger of God’, as the islet that emerges from the water in this area is popularly known, is one of the most used in the tourist promotion brochures of Ibiza. And not only that but, if you have not yet traveled to the island but you have a friend who has and has insisted on showing you his photos, you will also have this image engraved in your mind.

The Benirrás cove is one of the must-see places in Ibiza, whether with the family, with friends or with your partner. Even being to the north, its west orientation allows you to enjoy the sun all afternoon. Surrounded by mountains full of green pine trees, on Sundays it becomes a meeting point for hundreds of people who participate or simply contemplate its famous drum party. In the late afternoon, just before sunset, the left end of the beach becomes lively and becomes an improvised stage where the show is guaranteed. While some play the timpani, others dance, take pictures or drink while watching the sarao, which continues until the sun goes down. There are many who assure that this exhibition is one of the few that maintains the hippie essence that surrounded the Ibiza of the 70s. Of course, it is undeniable that the flow of energies that are concentrated in the place during that time and what The environment is evocative and has a special halo that leaves no one indifferent.



the north coast of ibiza is full of small and beautiful coves that we will discover


The private island of the famous


ibiza in the night.

Ibiza is a hedonistic and worldly destination that celebrated diversity where sexual freedom is lived with total normality. The codes of the LGTB community reign in areas such as Calle de la Virgen, La Marina and Dalt Vila, in the city of Ibiza. There are parties that are an icon of the movement, such as the legendary La Troya, which is held weekly at the Heart club.


The small island of Es Vedrá hides an endless number of curiosities and legends.



The most popular beach club with a gay atmosphere on the island, located on a practically virgin beach


In Illetas we will find the most famous beach clubs in Formentera. You can go down to visit them, Beso Beach, Juan And Andrea, the shark, the Pirate.


Formentera, an authentic nudist paradise in the Balearic Islands, it is
marked as 100% nudist.


A virgin beach, where you can enjoy the white sand and its turquoise waters.



It was a small fishing village, now it is a beach with a special vibe.


Typical fisherman’s house, very
common on the island.


A small beach located to the west of
the island.


Today is Wednesday at the Hearth disco, the most gay party in Ibiza “La TROYA” awaits you



It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. The water is always transparent,
it always shines, it is clean and clear!


Enjoy drinks, cocktails and coffees in a
modern restaurant with international
cuisine and DJ sessions.


It is a beautiful sandy beach with
beautiful white stones eroded
by the sea.


Soft sand, clear water, beautiful people and fantastic beach clubs.
Salinas is the trend beach summer after summer.


We will wake up quietly in Cala Jondal, from where we will lift the anchors when the body allows it. In the afternoon we will sail again along the coast of Ibiza to make a stop in Cala Tarida. Another beautiful cove with turquoise waters.

In Cala Tarida there is a great atmosphere in the afternoon. There are several beach clubs where you can enjoy live music while having a cocktail.

By sunset we will raise candles on the way back to San Antonio. That last night we will spend anchored in Cala Bassa or Cala Conta. At the end of the day after a week on board we are already authentic sailors, and a sailor always goes where the wind takes him.


It is one of the beaches that we can find on the west coast.


A small and quiet beach in the west of


From today the sea and navigation have entered your mind, and you can never forget this week of vacation


It is an extensive sandy area that has a powerful attraction in the turquoise color.




The most popular gay beach club of the island

We do not exaggerate if we say that the Chiringay, on the beach of Es Cavallet, Sant Jordi, is one of the restaurants with the best gay atmosphere not only in Ibiza, but in part of the world. Every summer thousands of people come to him eager to try their elaborate dishes and forget about their worries to the rhythm of the best music.

The history of this restaurant on the beachfront goes back many years ago, when its owner, Alberto Ciatera, saw endless possibilities that no one else saw. Thus, with the passage of time, the Chiringay has undergone a series of changes that have ended up transforming it into what it represents today: the freedom and fun of everyone who steps on it.



The most glamorous beach club in Ibiza

It is the perfect definition of Ibiza’s VIP lifestyle. It has become the priority destination point for beautiful, wealthy and famous people, who anchor their luxurious bayfront yachts to use Blue Marlin’s exclusive taxi boat service.

Located in Cala Jondal on a pebble beach overlooking the blue waters of the Mediterranean, this place offers fun by day and by night. Beach club outdoors mainly, has a large number of beds for sunbathing, perfect for gathering a group of friends, to share with that special person in your life or perhaps with that stunning girl you just met at the hotel .

Its restaurant, wisely run by chef Christian Dinti, fuses Mediterranean gastronomy with the occasional taste for oriental flavors. Tom Blackshaw, King of Sushi, is also on hand to prepare some of the most creative Japanese delicacies.

With the possibility of continuing the party until 4 in the morning, the venue is increasingly known as a party venue, with live music and house and techno guest DJs of the prestige of Dosem, Uto Karem, Mendo and Christian Varela, while the charming Blue Marlin girls stroll through the public making their stay more enjoyable, having a drink with clients or dancing with great skill on the rooftop terrace. 

For all this, for its perfectly equipped kitchen, for its restaurant, for the outdoor chill-out area, for the covered party area and for a location that breaks the Blue Marlin sense it is in justice one of the most precious jewels of Ibiza at offer the highest quality service



The perfect location and a dream kitchen

Cala Bassa Beach Club, also known as CBbC, is located in Cala Bassa, one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza, close to the city of San Antonio. Tucked between the dunes and the Sabinas, from all its tables it has impressive views of the sea. 

It offers four different types of food, thus adapting to almost all budgets. From the CBbC Snack with fast food, through the CBcC Restaurant with a fusion gastronomic offer, by CBbC Shushi, offering this specialty of Japanese food, or the CBbC Chiringo where you can enjoy Mediterranean dishes, especially local Ibizan cuisine. 

It is characterized by providing a quality service with a high gastronomic level and has individual hammock, Balinese service, massage service and even shops. Of course with beach bar and restaurant service. In the background you can listen to live DJ sessions while you eat, have dinner or are on the beach.


the most popular restaurant of the island

The Formentera salt flats lead to the Illetas beach, the local Caribbean. Here, Juan y Andrea is an ultra sophisticated version of the beach shack, where waiters dressed in white serve fresh lobster and wine to patrons who are comfortably seated at tables on the sand. From a little tavern serving the catch of the day to the first tourists, Juan y Andrea has evolved and learned the meaning of added value, now welcoming celebrities like Robert de Niro or Paris Hilton. Best of the menu: the grilled local lobster and the fresh grilled fish.


The perfect place to wach the sunset in formentera

The homonymous kiosk of Cala Saona is a place of bucolic charm on a rocky area of the cove. It is a perfect place to enjoy a good sunset and watch the colors of the sky compete between oranges and rosés while we accompany you with a cocktail and simple tapas in this typical beach bar.

Every day at sunset a multitude of people gather in this place to have a mojito while enjoying a beautiful sunset.



Formentera. Food and drinks by the sea

El Tiburòn is one of the island’s historic sites, opened more than twenty years ago in a suggestive natural setting right in front of the blue-green sea on a charming little beach located between La Savina and the magnificent Ses Illetes beach.

Thanks to its enviable position, this famous beach club is an ideal place to relax in the shade of the pine forest while enjoying a good drink, enjoying the beautiful waters of the area, dotted with sailboats and yachts. or watching the spectacular sunset of Formentera with a background of good music.

The Tiburòn also offers the royal restaurant service, which allows you to order typical local dishes and refined specialties created specifically for the restaurant’s clients.

El Tiburòn is certainly considered among the VIP bars all over the island, always popular and particularly loved by celebrities and people in sight; Given its fame, the reservation is therefore a necessity.


There is no summer without BESO

One of the places that seem to have been created to watch the sunset is Beso Beach. Surely you have ever seen the iconic photo, which cries out “Post me on Instagram!”, In which a bench nailed to the sand throws us a message at least romantic: There is no summer without a kiss.

It is true that summer is the time of year in which intense but fleeting loves flourish, in which stepping on the beach becomes a mandatory task, in which to add to our gastronomic list a new beach bar where you can breathe good vibes. And if any of these requirements are not met, it seems that the summer has remained in an attempt to be.

This Basque-Mediterranean cuisine restaurant is the result of the charm of the sea breeze, of the moments with friends and of the paradisiacal postcards of Formentera, such as the one that gives us the beach of Cavall d’en Borras, also known as Beso Beach and located in the Ses Salines Natural Park.


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